Pure Epsom Salts with Eucalyptus & Juniper


Epsom salts 250gms

Epsom salt has been around for centuries; medical texts from the early 1900s refer to it as an “old medicinal friend.”

Epsom salt takes its name from a wellspring in Surrey, England, that was discovered in the early 1600s. The spring’s saline waters were thought to have healing properties, and people started believing that bathing in its waters could relieve sores and infections.

Researchers found that people who soaked in magnesium sulphate baths once a day for seven days had increased levels of magnesium in their blood and urine, suggesting that Epsom salt can pass through the skin and into the body’s cells and bloodstream.

Magnesium plays a role in a range of biological processes, from facilitating proper muscle and nerve function to aiding protein synthesis and blood pressure regulation.

Why are Epsom salts featured in the Hava Programme?

Epsom salts are used in the programme to soothe the muscles and to improve the Magnesium standing of the body.

Hava Blend Epsom Salts 250g

A special blend of detox salts to be used in bath or footbath – helping you to unwind. The HAVA formula is made of pure magnesium sulphate to eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention, whilst easing aching and relieving heavy legs. Helping to supplement skin with optimum levels of magnesium and sulphate, the salt increases energy production, banishes fatigue and minimises soreness of limbs so you can experience a healthy, detoxified body with restored comfort and improved recovery time after workouts.

Some reports state that Epsom salt baths can speed up the body’s detoxifying ability, primarily because of the impact on electrolyte levels. When your body can more efficiently process fluids, it will store fewer toxins and eliminate them faster, which can reduce inflammation and aid the immune system. The toxins are also pulled directly out from the skin as a result of reverse osmosis during an Epsom salt bath, according to numerous reports.